DEFINE a photography style
FOR YOUR holiday accommodation

Crafting Your Photography Style:
Unlocking the Visual Identity of Your Holiday Accommodation

It’s time to take a step further in laying a foundation for taking photos of your ESCAPE.
In this blog, I’ll tell you all about how to define your photography style for your holiday accommodation.

Like me, you probably look at Instagram a lot. You follow different accounts and when you see a photo, you often know immediately which account it belongs to. That’s great, right?

But here’s the real magic: when you look at their entire feed, you see a harmonious mix of photos that together form a visually stunning and cohesive whole. The mood, the light play and the colour palette

– it is all seamlessly woven into one beautiful, unique photography style.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the same level of uniqueness and style for your

website and social media accounts?

In this blog, I’ll tell you how to create your own “ESCAPE ” photography style,
which you can use when capturing and editing your photos.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos
When it comes to presenting your holiday accommodation through photography, the importance of the right atmosphere, style and colour palette cannot be overemphasised.


These elements play a crucial role in creating a visual story that entices and invites potential guests to experience your accommodation’s unique charm.

Let’s start by exploring your photography style.
This is also the right time to pull out your written ESCAPE story.

Creating the perfect atmosphere:
Setting the mood for your accommodation

First of all, think about the atmosphere you want to convey with your photos. Think about what kind of experience your guests will have during their stay.

Is it a quiet and relaxing escape, an adventure getaway, a cultural experience or a romantic retreat for couples? Perhaps your accommodation is for people looking for a luxurious stay with all the trimmings, or is it a haven for those who prefer a simple, rustic experience.

Each of these scenarios requires a specific ambience.

Consider which atmosphere best suits this experience. Is it one with abundant natural light, creating a light and airy environment? Or does it have a colourful and artistic design that evokes energy and vibrancy? Perhaps it leans towards rustic charm and exudes a sense of calm and simplicity. Or maybe it exudes elegance, chicness or a deep connection to nature.

It’s your part to figure out what mood and style perfectly suits the essence of your holiday accommodation and make sure the photos capture not only the physical space,
but also the emotions and sensations guests can expect.

IDEA: Create a PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE board on Pinterest and pin beautiful inspirational images there that match the mood and style of your ESCAPE. Or even more fun, create a physical mood board.


Creating a beautiful palette:
The right colour scheme for your photography


Once you have set the mood and style, it is time to think about the colour palette. Choosing the right colours is crucial to creating professional-looking photos.

Simplify the colour palette by choosing three to five colours that harmonise and balance with each other. Look around your accommodation – what are the dominant colours in the interior design and what shades do you find in the surroundings?

A coherent and visually appealing colour palette will ensure that your photos not only convey the essence of your accommodation, but also appeal to potential guests.

Go to the paint shop or hardware store for colour swatches, you can add these
to your atmosphere & style moodboard.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos

Enhancing the visual story of your accommodation:
Mastering Mood, Style, and Colour


In short, as you prepare to present your holiday accommodation through photography, remember that creating the right atmosphere, style and colour palette is the basis for captivating images.

These elements (and later on also editing your photos) are your tools to create a story that invites and intrigues, making your accommodation an irresistible choice for travellers looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Once you have determined your photography style, you can use it later (along with your ESCAPE story) when gathering props for your shoot. You can read more about that in the next blog post.

Have fun making a moldboard for your ESCAPE photography style.