Every PHOTOshoot begins with a story


Today I take you on a visual journey through a styled photo shoot I did last April at the beautiful holiday accommodation, Les Marguerites in the region Dordogne in France.

Gite Les Marguerites
Gite Les Marguerites


At this beautiful ESCAPE, I come to take photos in spring and autumn for years now. Every time, I do styled photoshoots here to capture the essence of Les Marguerites.

Of the charming gite, the enchanting garden, the delicious cuisine or a package offered by owner, Marielle.

Because I have photographed and stayed here so many times, it is my home away from home when I am in the Dordogne for photo shoots, I know the unique story of Les Marguerites.

That makes it easy to capture the guest experience.

Last April, it was time for another photo shoot, this time to capture the 'relaxation' package offered by Les Marguerites.

Because besides just enjoying a serene stay at Les Marguerites, nestled in the idyllic French countryside, owner Marielle also offers beauty treatments in her beauty salon.

Like lovely relaxing massages.


In addition to your cosy gîte accommodation, you have the option of booking a pampering massage.

You can receive the massage in the beautifully styled beauty salon next door or outside, under the trees, in the beautiful garden.


Step inside and you are immediately surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity.

Soft, warm light streams through the windows, casting a soft glow on the carefully composed décor.

Each element has been carefully chosen to create an oasis of calm that stimulates all the senses.

Gite Les Marguerites
Gite Les Marguerites


An unforgettable massage experience awaits you. Surrender to nature's embrace - the enchanting scents of blooming flowers and the gentle rustle of leaves.

Become one with the serene surroundings as your senses awaken to the touch of nature.

Your relaxation starts with a delicious cup of herbal tea and a warm foot bath.

After that you may lie down on the massage table and surrender to Marielle's hands for a relaxing massage

Looking at these pictures, don't you immediately long for a stay at Les Marguerites and a massage from Marielle? Want to know what other packages there are? What the gite looks like? Where in France this fantastic spot is located? Etc.

That curiosity is what you want your potential guests to experience when they see your photos. That's what visual storytelling can do for your ESCAPE.

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Enjoy reading!

X Krista