How to use storytelling as the foundation
for creating captivating photos of
your holiday rental,let’s write your unique story

Every holiday accommodation is more than a place to sleep,
it has a story


.To create a collection of atmospheric photos of your ESCAPE, it is important to write your ESCAPE story for captivating holiday rental photos. Put your story on paper before you start photographing.

Your unique story is ultimately going to help you capture the essence of your ESCAPE with the result that your dream guests will immediately want to book a stay with you.

Oh, and of course it is also incredibly useful for writing text for your website and posts on social media.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos

Inviting Guests to Your Unique ESCAPE Story


By taking the time to write down your ESCAPE story, you do more than just describe
a place to potential guests. You’re inviting them into a world of experiences, emotions and memories
they won’t find anywhere else.

You give them a glimpse of what it would be like to step into your hideaway and create their
own unique story within its walls.



Before photographing any accommodation, I always have contact with the owners to hear their story.
This allows me to know what kind of guest experience they want to convey, learn more about the house and its surroundings, also I always take a leisurely walk around the grounds and rooms first
to take everything in calmly.

This helps me a lot while photographing. With the story in mind, I then capture the accommodation.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos

Unlock the Magic: Write Your Hideaway’s Story


So before you grab your camera, take the time to write down the story of your hideaway.

It’s definitely going to help you capture the essence of your ESCAPE and that way you’ll create the perfect photos that potential guests will fall in love with and they’ll want to book a stay with you.


Let me get you started with writing your ESCAPE story


I have carefully put together a 47-page e-book, packed with questions to answer as a guideline for building your story, sample texts to get you started and lots of photos for inspiration.

A comprehensive guide to help you create your unique ESCAPE story.


You can order this e-book for only 6.95 via the link below.

Have fun writing your story.

Next blogpost, we’ll continue building a foundation for taking your photos and
I’ll tell you all about how to identify a photography style for your ESCAPE photos