How to gather a collection of props
for your holiday rental photo shoot

gather props for photoshoot
gather props for photoshoot

The importance of using props for your ESCAPE photography


Holiday accommodation photography is not only about shooting pretty pictures,
but also about the story you
tell. Using props are the secret weapon for this. Not only do they make your place more beautiful, they are also the key to telling a compelling ESCAPE story.

By adding smart props, you not only boost your surroundings, but also capture the soul of your place. Whether it’s those cheerful cushions on your sofa, a colourful bouquet on the dining table, or those cool vintage books on the windowsill, each prop has its own role in the story of your space.

It’s not just about decoration, it’s a kind of art you use to capture the unique personality of your place.

In this blog, I talk about why it’s useful to have a collection of props – it’s like the finishing touch that enhances your photographic style and really strengthens your ESCAPE story. It’s those little details that transform a photo from ordinary to something that sticks in your mind.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos

How to choose your props


When picking your props, there are a few important things to consider.

Start with your colour palette: To do this, use the colour palette you have determined for
your photography style
, so that your props harmonise as you weave your story.

Think about texture: The camera is a fan of texture, and rightly so. It adds a certain charm
to photos and contributes significantly to creating the right mood.

What is your photography style: Whatever your style is, make sure it is reflected in your setup and therefore in your shots. It is the secret recipe for creating a unique style.

Embrace the small: Opt for smaller props. Normal-sized objects like plates tend to dominate the frame, so playing with scale and size is a game-changer in composition.
Consider smaller plates, vases and bowls for the perfect photo.

Beware of glare: Shiny objects tend to be a little too garish. They catch the light in a distracting way. If possible, opt for props with a matte finish. Personally, I absolutely love vintage props;
that worn patina adds a touch of character that I absolutely love

You already have the most beautiful props on hand


Start by looking around in your holiday accommodation or just in your home, as I am sure
you will find some great items that you can use to tell your story.

Look in your closets; For example, you can create a nice still life with a pile of towels and
the shower gel from the bathroom. Maybe you have some books or magazines that you can use
along with a nice candelabra with a candle in it.

Take a walk through the garden; Pick a bouquet of flowers from your garden and put it
in a vase from your cupboard for the dining table. Get a bunch of lavender for on the bed pillows
and cut some herbs for the kitchen.

Or bake a cake with apples from your own garden and use those stylish coffee cups from the kitchen
for a still life. And so on.

So always look at what you already have before you go shopping. Although that’s great fun too.



My favourite places are thrift shops, flea markets and when I’m in France, vide-greniers
to look for decorative objects. And, of course, there are many nice home and interior design shops
where you can buy nice things.

And how about the local market to buy some food, such as bread, cheese and fruit. And flowers,
wine and local delicacies for styling.

And always remember to keep your own photography style and ESCAPE story in mind when looking for props.

Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos
Writing Your ESCAPE Story for Captivating Holiday Hideaway Photos

Start building an Enhanced ESCAPE props Collection

Get started putting together a collection of props that will enhance your shoots.

If you got started with the previous blog posts then you know how your ESCAPE photos should
feel and what you want to say AND with the 5 points from How to Select Your Props
from this blog post in mind get started.

I’m curious to see what your prop collection will be. Will you show it to me on Instagram?
Don’t forget to tag @escapeintothelight and use the hashtag #yourescapeintothelight.

Next weeks blog will be about, how to style your ESCAPE for the shoot.